Why you need a Healthy Breakfast

When you wake up in the morning after going 10 – 12 hours without food, your energy reserves are low and your body and brain need fuel. Besides, your body has spent 1 liter of water during the night through breathing, sweating and morning visit to the bathroom.

So your body wakes up “empty” in the morning and on behalf of 100 trillion cells begs you, “Hey, give me back all the nutrients, energy and water I spent in the last 24 hours”. What you choose to eat for breakfast can affect your mood, physical and mental performance, weight and your general and long-term health.

Now here is the big question: What did you give your body this morning?

Remember – all our bodies wake up in the morning ’empty’ with normal sugar levels. What we decide to eat for breakfast will determine what will happen to our blood sugar level for the rest of the day.