Healthy Breakfast

How do you start your day?

By having the same cereal each morning? Or is breakfast little more than a slice of burnt toast?:
Breakfast can be the most enjoyable, energising and versatile meal every day of the week.

With a cup of coffee while missing breakfast because you don’t have time to eat?:
When every minute counts in the morning, you need a tasty and nutritious breakfast that takes just seconds to make..

Your breakfast may appear healthy, but is it really giving you what your body needs
in the morning?

A breakfast packed with the right nutritional mix helps you stay healthier so you can continue doing the things you enjoy.

Welcome to the easiest Balanced Healthy Breakfast – nutritious food & water in a convenient form. 

Choose an F1 Shake for:

Balanced nutrition: Provides important vitamins and minerals to help you
achieve your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

Weight control: Science-based meal replacements like F1 shake, have beenshown to be
an effective way to help you control your weight, as part of ahealthy active lifestyle.

Protein: Rich in soy protein, F1 shakes help you build lean muscle mass, along with exercise.
By increasing your percentage of lean muscle mass your metabolism is also increased
meaning you’ll burn more kilojoules – even while you are sleeping!

Nutritionally complete Herbalife Breakfast

Balanced kilojoules, balanced nutrients, balanced protein. A breakfast with the right
nutritional mix sets you up for the day ahead, giving you a steady stream of
energy, rather than the short bursts common from high energy foods.
Try Herbalife’s kilojoules-controlled breakfast with a good balance of protein,
carbohydrates and other important nutrients. It’s quick and easy to make
and at less than 920KJ, it’s a great alternative to grabbing a croissant
in the morning when time is tight.

Herbalife Healthy Breakfast Programme  

 Aloe Beverage 

Instant Herbal Beverage

Formula 1 Shake

           Protein Drink Mix