The Big Question

What did you give your body this morning?

Carbs-Based Breakfast:carb-based-breakfast

In the morning, simple carbohydrates (sugary refined cereals, white breads, toasts, etc.) cause an immediate surge of blood sugar level which results in the body over compensating for the extra sugar load – the excess is converted and stored as fat. The result – a decreased level of blood sugar and a craving for more carbs. This cycle then repeats itself 2-3 more times during the day.

Skipping Breakfast:skipping-breakfast

When you skip breakfast your blood sugar drops below the normal level. You experience cravings for food and a drop in energy. You are again tempted to revert to simple carbohydrates to achieve a quick surge of energy. Simple carbohydrates will cause an immediate surge of blood sugar level followed by the body compensating for the extra sugar load. Excess sugar turns into fat. Then this cycle repeats itself 2-3 more times during the day again.

These vicious cycles constitutes one of the reasons for the development of other major health challenges and extra weight.

So…Would you like to know what a good breakfast is supposed to be?

The Balanced Breakfast:balanced-breakfast
Your first meal in the morning should meet these four main criteria:

Replace the energy (from proteins, carbohydrates & good fats) that was consumed yesterday, when you were active.
Provide the body with all the nutrients (building blocks – proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals) used during the night.
Replenish the water stock.
Maintain the blood sugar level within the normal range preventing you going into craving for “something” to eat!
There are great ideas in numerous publications for a healthy breakfast BUT in today’s fast paced world it’s not easy to prepare a balanced breakfast that meets the four major criteria for a healthy breakfast if you don’t have much time in the morning.

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